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We are happy to have been involved with the first Incase store worldwide located in Seoul, South Korea. Fixonic provided the conceptual design for the store and the spirit of Incase brand’s design philosophy is represented in the store’s minimalism and the execution of signature brand colors. Incase’s keen appreciation of materials is reflected in new applications ranging from incorporating metal, wood, staron and glass, while continuing its love of textiles by utilizing the actual fabric and components used in Incase’s bag designs for the furniture. Design and technology is seamlessly blended within the store design to enhance the consumer experience: from the availability of interactive screens for product storytelling to the functionality of the main window, enhanced with smart glass to double as a street level projection screen.

The store’s design has a strong focus on functionality and flexibility to be able to showcase Incase’s wide range of bags and accessories or to convert into a space for cultural programming and workshops a s an extension of Incase’s commitment to lifestyle and culture .

The store space is able to showcase the full range of Incase products, from the new EO Travel Collection and Camera Collection, to the new range of Samsung accessories and the long-running, innovative Apple accessories.