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Forms office and showroom


Our client is a well-established diamond dealer and premium custom jeweler located at New World Tower in Central, Hong Kong, who requested our services to create an office and showroom that represents their brand identity with distinct attitude and style.
Unlike conventional retail jewelry showroom or office design, our approach was developed and executed to create an atmosphere that gave our client and their customers an unforgettable experience, the palette is dark, private and mysterious, sleek and modern yet comfortable, luxurious and high-end but at the same time inviting.
The unique aesthetics includes use of lava stone and black / tinted glass and mirror cladded walls, rich Walnut timber and white Carrera marble accents, combined with custom designed lighting systems which creates pockets of light highlighting focal points as well as the ability to provide different lighting scenes or color effects selected by the end user, the result is quite amazing and we are extremely pleased with the overall design and build quality of this project.
Two Directors rooms are joined and mirrored, director’s and guest seating are provided by Vitra and we custom made the enclosure for the safe as well as the directors desks in Walnut timber and black glass.