MacBook Air Retina

May 16th, 2013

MacBook Air Retina Coming In Black, Release Date Tipped For Q3


Just last month the Economic Times said that we may be about to see a black MacBook Air with retina display, as the source said that suppliers of parts to Apple said that a black version would be out in Q3.

We have to say that it did come as a surprise to hear that we could see a MacBook Air with a retina display as it would add on bulk to the device. When the iPad got the retina display the same thing happened. However the MacBook Air has only just lost weight and this would mean it would have to expand again.

Following this rumour it went quiet until we saw an email from a source that has been right in the past. They said that the black MacBoor Air was making its way out.

We were still sceptical about this and this was down to the fact that Mac Rumors said that they had intercepted an email which was said to have come from an employee at Apple. They said that Steve Jobs was against the idea of a black version of the MacBook Air as he believed that oil marks on the keys would look terrible. Of course if you have the iPad in black you will know about this.

But then we have seen the iPad Mini and the iPhone 5 both arrive in black, so it could be possible that we may see a black version of the MacBook Air too. Of course the rumour about the retina display could be wrong.